Who We Are

Over 60 member journals comprise The Society of Undergraduate Humanities Publications. Since our inception, we have committed ourselves to an egalitarian, inclusive philosophy that seeks to connect as many student editors as possible. If you would like to see your journal on the list below, please send an email to suhppresident@gmail.com about joining the team.

Columbia Journal of History
The Boston Political Review and The Politica
The Foundationalist
University of Bristol Undergraduate Research Journal
Brown Undergraduate Law Review
The Cambridge Law Review
Undergraduate Journal of Humanistic Studies
Columbia Journal of History
Ezra's Archives
Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Politics, Economics and World Affairs
Davidson History Journal
Historia Nova: The Duke Historical Review
The Fordham Undergraduate Research Journal
Georgetown Journal of History
Tempus: The Harvard College Historical Review and Synthesis: The Harvard Undergraduate History of Science Journal
Medusa: Leiden University Journal for Undergraduate Research
The London School of Economics Law Review
MIT Undergraduate Research Journal
Historical Discourses
The Historian Research Journal
Northwestern Undergraduate Research Journal
Critical Theory and Social Justice: Journal of Undergraduate Research
Rhodes Historical Review
Rice Historical Review
SOAS Undergraduate Research Journal
SMU Journal of Undergraduate Research
Tufts Historical Review
Herodotus Journal
Berkeley Economic Review and Clio's Scroll
UCI Humanities Center
The Undergraduate Research Journal
Chicago Journal of History and Chicago Journal of Foreign Policy
Leviathan Journal of Politics and International Relations and Retrospect Journal 
The Foundationalist
Juncture: The University of Manchester Undergraduate Politics Journal
Chariot Journal 
Michigan Journal of History
Journal of Undergraduate Research at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hil
Nottingham Economic Review
Past in Process
The Scroll: USC Undergraduate History Journal
UVM History Review
The Undergraduate Research Network
Reinvention: An International Journal of Undergraduate Research 
Archive: University of Wisconsin Undergraduate Journal of History
Trinity College Law Review
UF Journal of Undergraduate Research
University of Leeds Human Rights Journal
The Cardinal Edge
Oxford University History Society Journal
Journal of Undergraduate Research
Report: West Point Undergraduate Historical Review
The Vanderbilt Historical Review
The Gateway History Journal
The James Blair Historical Review
The Yale Historical Review and The Foundationalist

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